First aid kit for the holidays in the mountains with the children

First aid kit for the holidays in the mountains with the children

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Many of you prefer spend the holidays in the mountains with the children, instead of moving to a coastal area. The mountain offers a series of advantages, at least from a theoretical point of view: less movement, possibility of hiking trails, enjoying nature, promoting a culture of respect for the environment, etc. But the mountain offers some risks for which we must be prepared with children.

Since We want to give you a series of tips when preparing a first aid kit, and avoid last minute surprises.

- Sunscreen. Don't forget the sunscreen. In the mountains it is less hot than on the beach, but that does not prevent your child from getting burned. So apply the cream, especially before going on a long walk.

- Band-Aids. Hiking is so pleasant that you tend to walk long distances, and the continued rubbing of your footwear on your feet can lead to the appearance of abrasions and erosions. Don't forget to pack a few plasters to cope with these annoying injuries. Take extreme care of your children's feet, especially if they are diabetic, because in them the probability of developing superinfections is greater.

- Syringe. It will be essential for you to administer the exact dose, in milliliters, of the syrup that your child needs.

- Analgesics / antipyretics. The trio of classics should never be missing in your suitcase or backpack: ibuprofen, paracetamol and / or metamizole. Don't let fever or pain ruin your family vacation days.

- Adrenaline. If your child has presented anaphylaxis (the most serious of the clinical expressions of allergy), take at least one dose of intramuscular adrenaline to the mountains.

- Antihistamine. If your child is allergic to any inhalant or food, you should carry an antihistamine in the backpack, just in case.

- Antiseptic. It will come in handy to apply on possible wounds. Remember that you will be in the field, in the open air, and your children are going to fall and injure themselves. That's for sure. To handle an uncomplicated wound, you need to wash it well with soap and water. If you have doubts about the state of the ground on which it has fallen, it does not hurt that after washing and drying the wound, apply a good jet of povidone-iodine on it.

- A pack of gauze pads. They weigh very little, and can be helpful when applying the antiseptic on your child's wound.

- Insect repellent. In humid forest areas there are usually a generous number of insects. With a good repellent, you will keep them at bay.

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