A simple tick can paralyze a child

A simple tick can paralyze a child

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The ticks They are not the exclusive heritage of animals, but humans can also catch them, but worst of all is that the consequences of having a tick in our body can be so devastating as shown in this story.

Kailyn, a 5-year-old girl, suffered a paralysis of your body because they hadn't realized that he had a tick lodged on his scalp.

We tell you the story of Kailyn and how a simple tick can paralyze a child.

Kailyn is a 5 year old American girl, totally furyBut one day when her mother came to wake her up the girl could not stand. She fell constantly, her legs did not support her, but that was not all, the girl could not speak well either, she suffered a paralysis of a part of the body From overnight.

The mother was scared, so before taking her to the hospital she started to comb her hair, and that's when she saw that there was something stuck to the girl's scalp. It was about one huge tick.

The mother did not hesitate to remove it and put the bug in a plastic bag so that the doctors could analyze it. Upon arrival at the emergency room, the doctors verified that the paralysis the girl suffered was caused by the tick.

According to Lyme Disease Foundation of America, this can happen when females are about to lay eggs that bite, since they secrete a neurotoxin which can lead to paralysis.

The positive part of this story is that if it is treated quickly and the tick is removed in time, the cure is almost immediate. This type of paralysis usually affect the legs, and the muscles of the face and the tongue. Now Kailyn is fine and has regained mobility in her legs and face, but the shock could have been worse.

Really the consequences A tick clinging to your body is the same for children as it is for adults, but children's skin is usually thinner and the probability that a child has ticks is higher than that of an adult. In addition, since they have less defenses, infections are usually more serious than in adults.

Ticks transmit many diseases that, in animals, can even cause the death.

In humans they usually cause diseases depending on the type of tick that bites you; from fever, nausea, vomiting, and muscle aches, to paralysis, or meningitis in the most serious cases.

As a general rule, the longer the tick has been attached to the body, the more likely we are to suffer from these diseases, for example Lyme's desease it is contracted by a bacteria transmitted by the tick after 24 to 36 hours of being on the skin. The problem is that there are some ticks that are so small that we will hardly even notice they are on us.

To eliminate a tick from the skin we must never crush it, since the blood and the eggs, if it has them, will spread through the skin, the correct thing is to take it with a forceps by the mouth, and pull gently and continue until it is released, never abruptly since the head could remain inside the skin.

Another way is to throw him paraffin, alcohol, or iodine, so that the tick looses itself.

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