Sayings and chants about parents

The saying is nothing more than a popular saying that contains a thought, a teaching or a reflection. The sayings have no author, they are anonymous, and it is that someone at a certain moment said such a sentence and it was transmitted socially until it became popular.

There are sayings that convey popular wisdom and some expose beliefs that have become a bit old. There are sayings of all kinds: about fathers, mothers, children, health, education ... We offer you sayings, popular sayings and proverbs about parents to celebrate Father's Day.

- Advice from father, keep it son with seven keys
The teachings of parents are very valuable.

- When you are a father, you will eat eggs
It is used to tell the child that he will be old enough to do certain things.

- Children and home are the only truth
A familiar saying.

- Who gives, for father will pass, and who takes, for son is proclaimed
Children are often selfish and parents give everything to their children.

- From your children just hope, what with your parents you do
If you have been, for example, a bad student, you will have to understand, understand and help your son if he is.

- To the father, if he is good, serve him, and if he is bad, suffer him
Some parents are not good with their children.

- A saving father, a spending son
The father's earnings are squandered by his son.

- The shameless father makes the son foul
Children learn from parents.

- The father to punish, and the mother to cover
It is a saying that has become a bit old since fathers and mothers share tasks at home, although in the past it was the father who imposed discipline at home.

- Lord for Lord, the father is the best
An easy rhyming saying that talks about the importance of the father.

- Like father Like Son
Children look like their parents.

- Of singing parents, goldfinch children
It is a variant of the previous one.

- Son you are and father you will be
What you will do, they will do: the teachings that your parents have transmitted to you, you will pass them on to your children.

- Winemaker father, knight son and beggar grandson
Of saving parents and workers, lazy and wasteful children.

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