Father's Day: ideas to celebrate it

Father's Day: ideas to celebrate it

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What does dad like the most? That you tell him that you love him every day feel someone very special to you and see that you value their work and effort on a daily basis. Therefore, in his day you will make him even happier if you gather all the demonstrations of affection and pay him a small tribute.

To make him see that he is a valuable and fundamental person for the family, remind him how much you love him and prepare an unforgettable day with a lot of imagination and taking into account his tastes. Yes, here you have for Father's Day, ideas to celebrate it with the children.

- Special breakfast: Start living Father's Day with a good breakfast that takes you out of the routine, will delight your dad. A family breakfast it is a moment of integration, which will take you out of the routine. Then congratulate him. It is time to present your gift. Anything will do, but if it's done with love, effort, and dedication, you'll hit the spot.

- A gift for dad: Drawings, greeting cards, photo collages, poetry, the latest family videos, or your own crafts will touch her heart.

- Play with dad and a special meal: Afterward, a shared activity, a delicious meal, an afternoon movie, and a bedtime story can round out a perfect day.

Getting your dad to feel like the best dad in the world is an objective that day. Children have the opportunity to show their generosity, sympathy and affection towards a dad who means everything to them. And parents should not miss this excellent opportunity to return this gift, sharing and conveying what it means to be a father. How? Just dedicating this day completely to the children, forgetting about the daily worries and tasks. It is a good day to create experiences that both children and parents will remember over time.

Parents are 'the best' for their children and thanks to their increasingly active and participatory role with children, they can do more with them, spend more time together and create closer families. Children pay a lot of attention to the elderly and imitate the elderly, so this experience will most likely be enriching for your relationship.

Take advantage of this great moment to tell your children an endearing story, which they will always remember and in which they were the protagonists. Remind them of the day they were born, how you found out you were going to be a dad, how you felt when you first picked them up and how happy they made you when they got home, what happened the first day they touched the snow or went to the beach. Children love listening to stories and when they are the focus of the story they feel loved and accepted.

Maintain the bonds of friendship and complicity by telling them a secret from when you were little like them. Liven up the conversation with anecdotes, stories, secrets or dreams that you can share and tell about when you were little. They sure love hearing these things from their father and knowing what he felt or thought when he was little like him.

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