Girl names inspired by nature and their meaning

Girl names inspired by nature and their meaning

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Naming a daughter is not an easy task. For any father or mother, choosing the name of our baby is the first detail that is given to a life, that is, providing it with its own identity. When we choose a name we are offering our little one a distinctive and unique brand with which you will feel complete as a person.

Some names inspire tenderness, others instead reveal the character of the baby and what his parents will project onto him. Sometimes we have always been very clear about it, but on other occasions we let ourselves be advised and we look for what is trend. And what now sets the trend is to be inspired by nature. And, behind each name there is always a story.

We give you a list of some Inspired girl names from nature.

There are many girl names related to nature, since human beings are, after all, people surrounded by flora, fauna, mountains, rivers, atmospheric phenomena, minerals ... If nature is your thing and you are looking for original, trendy, inspiring and fresh names, ¡¡ this is your list!

- Sunrise: Latin girl name, 'albus'. It means' aurora ','dawn',' white and shining ',' that which was born with the first light of day ', which contrasts with the night darkness. Alba symbolizes enlightenment, knowledge, wake up to life. His name day is celebrated on August 15 or February 2.

-Ava: of Hebrew origin, 'chavah', which means' life 'or'the one that gives life'. Ava is a rare name in Spain so it is exotic without looking strange. His name day is celebrated on April 29.

- Chloe: of Greek origin which means'green grass sprout', for this reason it is also the nickname of the goddess Demeter, protector of the fields. Chloe does not have her own name day. It became popular in 1912 thanks to the ballet 'Daphnis and Chloe', by Maurice Ravel, based on the Greek myth of the same name.

- Danae: its origin is Greek, from 'daio', and means'land fertilized by rain'. Jupiter turned Danae into a golden shower after conquering her. It derives from the word danós, which means 'arid, dry', and also from 'daio', which means 'to set afire or burn'. Danae represents that valuable rain that falls on a dry land, causing life and nature. His name day is celebrated on November 1.

- Hadassa: name for a girl of Hebrew origin that means'blooming tree, myrtle tree '. The myrtle is understood as strong, noble, dignified, determined and its leaves will always remain green, both in the sun and in the shade. In the Bible, Queen Esther's Hebrew name is Hadassa. Therefore, his name day is celebrated on May 24, July 1 or February 8.

- Moon: the name derives from the Latin 'moon', contraction of 'lucina', which means'shine, illuminate'. A moon alternative can be Selene, Greek goddess representing the Moon. Without a doubt, Luna refers to the star king of the night. At present this name is used as a transparent name, without religious connotations. It is a name with great symbolic power that refers to the magnetism of this magical star. His name day is celebrated on August 15.

- Pearl: comes from German and its meaning refers to something similar to 'the one that is precious'are pearl spheres. And in reference to the pearls that are born inside oysters, the name leads us to intrusion, to internal beauty, to a special aura that draws the attention of everyone who knows them and is a symbol of health. His name day is celebrated on November 1.

- Saori: of Japanese origin which means'to flourish'. This name became popular thanks to anime, with series such as 'The Knights of the Zodiac'. Under the name of Saori a strong woman, with a kind temperament and full of values, is assumed. It has no name day.

- Tamara: of Hebrew origin which means'date palm', although in Russia and countries of Soviet origin it is very common and has another meaning:' gypsy princess'. It became popular in modern times as Tamara is also an important biblical character for being the daughter of King David. His name day is celebrated on September 1 or October 16.

- Vera: Its origin is not clear, some speak of a Latin origin, while others place it Slavic. It means 'bank of a road or river'. Vera is an exotic and euphonic name with an evocative and somewhat mystical meaning, from which it emanates sweetness and simplicity. His name day is celebrated on August 1 or February 4.

Flowers they are undoubtedly the queens of nature-inspired names. From the classic Rosa, Hortensia or Margarita, to Azucena, Dalia, going through Violeta, Azalea, Melissa, Lis or Cala, among others. There are so many that they deserve a chapter of their own.

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