How is the relationship of the Capricorn mother with her Cancer daughter

How is the relationship of the Capricorn mother with her Cancer daughter

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Is this a relationship with many common pointsAlthough Capricorn is a sign of Earth and Cancer of water, but both feel the need to be part of a family with strong unity.

However, the character difference and understanding life will lead them to have some confrontations that they should avoid.

We tell you what the Capricorn mothers relationship with their daughter of the Cancer sign.

Women born under the Capricorn sign are mothers very attached to the Earth, that is, realistic, without impossible dreams or panaceas, who prefer the security of things before adventure.

They are controlling mothers with their children because they are demanding also with themselves. They like effort and they always find reward in it, that's why they instill it in their children.

Although they are not permissive or open-minded mothers, they always find solutions to problems and tend to agreements favorable to both parties.

Without a doubt, the daughters of the Cancer sign have a curious way of being. Girls ultrasensitive and restless with which you have to be very careful in everything you say to them if you don't want to hurt them.

It is normal that they have disappointments with their friends, since it is difficult for them to accept criticism. But they are girls peaceful and quiet, although the influence of the moon tends to play tricks on them and sometimes makes them uncontrollable.

They are girls who they need constant love and affection, above all because they have a fragile self-esteem and need continuous reaffirmation from others, although in reality they value good words and sympathy much more than kisses.

They have very bad characterThey are proud in their own way, and highly jealous. They never forgive and they never forget, and only by treating them in a cordial and kind way can you have them in your favor.

In general it is a Cordial relationship, since both mother and daughter love family, form a strong bond, the tranquility of home and security.

The Cancer daughter will feel very comfortable with the comforts that the Capricorn mother offers her, always attentive to her needs. Girls of this sign they need calm to grow slowly, but on the other hand the demands of their Capricorn mother overwhelm them and can make them end up distancing themselves from them.

Cancer girls have a total absence of realism, create their own world in which they like to live in isolation, which makes Capricorn mothers very nervous, who always walk with their feet on the ground, but Capricorn mothers will always know how to reach good agreements with their daughters, with humor and sympathy, so that they can stay together despite the differences that separate them.

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