Syndrome of the hyper-gifted children. The consequences of giving too much to the child

For some years now a trend has been developing in the society we live in called: 'hyper-gifted child syndrome '. It is a bad habit of parents to give everything they ask for and shower with gifts. In We will tell you what this syndrome consists of and how to know if your child is a hyper-gifted child.

  • Some parents, worried about their children and wanting to be loving with them they strive to give everything they can offer, thinking that their children can have everything that they did not have as children.
  • Other parents do it to compensate your children the little time they spend with them due to the long working hours they have. They think it is the only way they can show their love.
  • They also act like this conditioned by social pressure, advertising, the media and comparisons.

The hyper-gifted child syndrome appears throughout the year, but it is accentuated at specific moments such as birthdays, Christmas or the kings. Children who suffer from this syndrome do not value what they receive, they only have the desire to receive more and more gifts, that is to say that they give everything that comes to mind.

All actions taken by parents will have an impact on the education of their children. The job of parents is promote a series of values in children to guide them throughout their lives and serve them in the future.

Therefore, by giving the child everything that adults ask for, they make a serious mistake that will bring with it various negative consequences both for the child's development and for their education. Among these consequences we can find that children are:

  • Capricious.
  • They don't value things.
  • They are consumerists.
  • Make them be selfish.
  • They have a lack of creativity.
  • They have a very low tolerance for frustration.
  • They are not excited, nor are they interested in anything.

With this attitude where adults consent and give all kinds of gifts to children without setting limits, they make children understand that there are no rules and that they have no responsibility to earn the things they want.

For these types of children, parents will be those who must fulfill their wishes for the mere fact of being. Therefore, the gifted child does not know the value of effort, nor what it costs to get things. This endangers their emotional maturation.

To prevent children from ending up suffering from this syndrome, typical of the consumer society in which we live today, parents can act as follows: It will be important for parents to know how to say no. And that children understand what it is that can and cannot be done and have. This "no" must be consistent and must be clearly explained to the child without imposing the rule of: "this is done because I said so." Thanks to this "no", the children:

  • They experiment with feelings that occur when their own demands or needs are not satisfied. Sensations that are normal in people's daily lives and that have positive aspects in parenting.
  • Thanks to NO, children are made to see that things have to be earned and to stop it, rules must be respected to reach them.

Parents have to be patient. If the child wants something and you don't give it to him, there may be a tantrum. Parents have to act calm and self-controlled. By being calm, the child is taught that nothing is achieved. Above all, when parents do not meet all the demands of children they should not feel bad. They must understand that thanks to this they are forging their character and this will be more important than giving them all the whims they ask for. The child will appreciate it in the future.

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