Marieta wants to remember. Children's story about the stories we tell

Marieta wants to remember. Children's story about the stories we tell

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We all love hearing stories from our family, family anecdotes that have happened to our grandparents or parents, but also count our own.

This is the story of a girl who had many things happen to her, and who liked to tell her grandmother every summer afternoon.

Find out how this pretty ends children's story about the stories we tell.

Marieta spent every summer in her grandparents' town. There he enjoyed the field and nature. They went to the garden, gathered berries, swam in the river and helped prepare delicious dinners that they enjoyed in the courtyard of the house under the stars. But what Marieta liked the most was telling her grandmother Adela about the adventures she had had during the winter in her city.

He almost always began by describing his friends at school, dedicating a very special chapter to his teachers. He talked about math and English classes, because they were his favorite subjects. But above all, he focused on recounting the adventures of his little gang, ‘Las Chicas Peocotón’, who were what they called themselves Marieta, Andrea and Beatriz, in honor of their favorite fruit. The three little girls always hung out in the park together, where they thought of adventures and missions, such as saving a ladybug from the clutches of a dinosaur, a character played by Andrea's dog.

Marieta also described to her grandmother the museums she had visited and the theater plays and concerts he had attended, explaining what he had liked the most and what had scared him. He even went over the movies he had seen at the cinema with his mom and dad.

But, as Marieta grew, her activities increased and so did her friendships. Therefore, he was afraid that when summer would come again I won't remember everything what he had done in his city. As she was worried and sad at home, her mother ended up asking her:

- What's wrong, Marieta? - He said.

- I don't think I can remember all the cool things that I will experience this winter to tell Granny Adela and that worries me.

- Do not worry. I have the solution - answered his mother.

That same afternoon Marieta received a gift. When she opened it, she discovered that it was a diary in which she could write down as much as she wanted every day, as a little help to her memory.

Find out if your child has understood the text with these simple reading comprehension questions.

  • Where did Marieta spend the summer?
  • Who did he tell his stories to?
  • What was Marieta talking about?
  • Why was the girl worried?
  • How was it solved?
  • Do you know what a journal is for?

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