Mom's kisses can cure and remedy everything

Mom's kisses can cure and remedy everything

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It is proven that a woman, when she becomes a mother, Acquire magical powers to heal everything. My daughter knows very well what I am talking about. When she fell and hurt herself, one kiss was enough and everything would heal, like a magic trick. Mom's kisses are like magic wands with immediate effects. What remedies! And is that Mom's kisses can cure and remedy everything.

It is no accident that many children, when they hurt themselves, go quickly to your mothers to be healed with the famous magic kiss. Kisses really heal. A study, carried out by the University of Pittsburgh, United States, and published in "The Journal of American Parenting", reveals that the kiss of parents is capable of healing pain, as if it were a medicine or homeopathy.

During the investigation, they noted that the kisses of mothers and fathers in the wound of their son, they made them relieve the pain of their little one more quickly. The pain of children who did not receive kisses and who took medicine, lasted longer. It is evident that the effect of the medicine takes a while to be done, but I still believe that the kisses of mom or dad are a faster alternative cure.

We not only become magicians, when we become mothers. In addition to, with our kisses and affection, we relieve pain, we comfort tears and heal wounds, we also 'self heal'. We don't allow ourselves the luxury of getting sick or in pain, even if we fall. In our busy life as mothers, there is no room for sickness or pain. It is as if we are covered with a magical "self-protective" layer, like superheroines. What is this magic formula that we transmit from mother to mother?

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