Teen pregnancy

Teen pregnancy

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According to the World Health Organization, each year 16 million young people in the world become pregnant each year. Are women between the ages of 15 and 19 who live the experience of pregnancy in adolescence.

At an age where other girls are still thinking about going out, enjoying with friends or what they will dedicate their future to, they are dedicated to raising their baby.

These pregnancies are, in many cases, unwanted or unintended. Although the adolescent maternity rate has declined in recent decades, teenage pregnancy continues to be a problem globally as it carries a high risk for both mother and baby. The death rate for both is much higher when it occurs in adolescence.

In We tell you what risks are involved for the future mother to become pregnant in adolescence, what care to take and tips when facing motherhood while still a teenager.

How to deal with teenage pregnancy. Teen pregnancy is often unwanted and risky for both the mother and the unborn baby. So, how do you deal with motherhood in adolescence? How to overcome the fears, anguish and anger about this situation and take care of the baby in a responsible way.

Adolescent mothers, who takes care of the baby? The numbers of teenage mothers continue to rise in many countries. On many occasions, adolescent mothers live with their partners, on many other occasions they end up living with their parents who help them with the upbringing and care of their baby. Teenage pregnancy

Risks of teenage pregnancy. A controversial advertising campaign in Caracas shows mannequins of pregnant girls in school clothes. The image, really shocking, serves to warn about the dangers of teenage pregnancy. In Venezuela, child pregnancies have increased and they want to put a stop to it. The best way: sensitize parents about this problem.

Care for a teenage pregnancy. A pregnancy in adolescence poses certain risks for both the mother and the baby she is expecting, so the pregnant woman will need special care. We review the needs of a teenage pregnancy and tell you why it should be avoided.

Consequences of adolescent pregnancy. Pregnancy in adolescence is considered high risk and also has a series of consequences for the adolescent both physical and mental. Teenage pregnancy, or early pregnancy, has additional health risks for both mother and baby. Therefore, a teenage pregnancy is not recommended.

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