The effect of tobacco on the baby seen from an ultrasound

The effect of tobacco on the baby seen from an ultrasound

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To say that smoking in pregnancy is harmful is nothing new. It is a proven and proven fact that the children of smoking mothers have more complications and health problems. There is much talk about the effects of tobacco on children, but now a group of scientists from Durham University They have demonstrated these effects on babies in the womb through a series of ultrasounds.

Through 4D ultrasounds it has been possible to observe a different sequence of movements between the babies of smoking mothers and non-smoking mothers. Babies of mothers who smoked cigarettes they moved their mouths much more and touched their faces more often than babies of nonsmoking moms.

The doctors who have carried out these tests hope that they will serve to make women aware of quitting tobacco during pregnancy. None of the babies in this study had problems at birth, however, the effects of nicotine can cause the baby to be born without life.

I have known some women smokers who were not able to quit during pregnancy, they all embraced the same phrase: 'the stress caused by lack of tobacco is worse than tobacco itself'. I do not agree. And I speak with knowledge of the facts because I was a smoker, a heavy smoker, and although it was not easy, I quit when my first child was born. I thought I would not succeed, but reason was strong enough to do so. What's more, Even if only two or four cigarettes are smoked a day, it is enough for the nicotine to reach the baby.

Tobacco smoke contains thousands of chemicals, including lead and cyanide. However, nicotine is the cause of most health problems, since it works together with carbon monoxide and causes a reduced oxygen reaching the baby. Among other things, it reduces blood vessels including those of the umbilical cord.

Ideally, if you are thinking of getting pregnant, stop smoking before pregnancy so that when the time comes you can be calm and dedicate yourself to leading a healthy life and a healthy diet.

According to the experts, it is advisable to do it at least three months before pregnancy. And that not only that you abandon this bad habit, but also your partner to thus protect the formation of reproductive cells. And when we talk about tobacco, we mean, in turn, electronic cigarettes because they contain nicotine. Another negative consequence for women is that there is a greater probability of ectopic pregnancy and spontaneous abortion and increases the damage of free radicals

In any case it is convenient to remember the consequences that tobacco causes in the newborn in order to realize the consequences that this 'innocent act' can have:

- Premature delivery.
- Sudden death of the baby.
- Respiratory diseases, allergies and asthma.
- Under weight.
- Birth with a malformation, for example, in the heart.
- Withdrawal syndrome, with hypertonia, infant colic or irritability.
- Higher risk of obesity in childhood and adulthood.
- Kidney disease and hypertension over the years.

The latest research carried out in Finland and collected in the report 'Evidence in Pediatrics' indicates 'a strong association and dose-dependent response between exposure to prenatal nicotine and the diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in mothers' children exposed '.

To this end, children born between 1998 and 1999 were studied. Among all births, 1,320 cases of children with ADHD were diagnosed. The parents were also studied (if they had attention deficit, their economic situation, their lifestyle habits both in regard to diet and physical exercise ...) and the result that could be extracted it was concluded that there was a 9% higher risk of developing ADHD in children of mothers exposed to nicotine During pregnancy than, in those not exposed, regardless of all the other factors mentioned above.

In addition to all the consequences that smoking can have on the mother, on her desire to become pregnant and on the development, growth and health of the baby, it should not be forgotten that once the woman has given birth, she should not to resume this harmful habit because we would be turning the child into a passive smoker.

The fact that the child lives in an environment full of fumes can cause respiratory diseases such as pneumonia or asthma and also episodes of otitis media. Not to mention that If the child sees the parents smoking, there is a greater risk that he too will get hooked on cigarettes in the future.

According to various studies collected by the Spanish Association of Pediatrics in Spain, adolescent smokers are more likely to try other substances such as alcohol or drugs and even to develop risky sexual behaviors.

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