The rescue. Popular games for kids

One of the most popular games at school recess has been 'The rescue'. A group of children could spend hours and hours playing rescue during the summer afternoons, running and having fun in the courtyards, squares or pedestrian streets of their neighborhood.

Currently, children's leisure he has become more sedentary, and it is almost impossible to see a group of children playing rescue in the street. But it is never too late for your children to learn the traditional games that their parents and grandparents played when they were little and to be able to practice them with their friends during their free time.

We explain how to play the Rescue.

Play to the rescue It is very simple. You need a large group of people and an open space to run safely. The group has to be divided into two, for this the two captains of each team are raffled 'even or odd', and in order, they choose the components of their team one by one.

Once the teams are completed, the area of ​​action must be delimited, since if the area is too large the game will be boring. Then it will return to sort out who is the team that escapes and what equipment you will have to look for and catch.

Once the first steps have been completed, the escaping team must run away, while the opposing side will have to wait until they are out of sight. When the opponents have hidden, the second team goes in search of the first. The objective is to capture them. To do this they will only have to touch them and they will be caught. The prisoners are then transferred to the starting point and there they will form a line holding hands.

But the game does not end here, since prisoners may be rescued at any time by a partner. To do this they will have to bump the hand of the first in line and everyone will be able to move but with the disadvantage that they will have to do it hand in hand. The game ends when the entire team is captured, switching roles and starting over.

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