When the mother is not producing milk and formula is not accessible

This question has come to us from several women, concerned because They don't make enough milk to breastfeed their baby and they don't have access to formula, what can they do then?

The first thing we have to know is that in maternal health conditions, the more a baby sucks, the more milk we will produce. The percentage of women who cannot produce milk is really very low, and the problem is usually more a lack of information than a real pathology.

When the situation in which we live prevents access to artificial milk or formula, it is important to influence breastfeeding, in this way, the breast will produce enough milk for the baby. For breastfeeding to be adequate and the breast to produce the amount of milk necessary for the baby, there are some important premises:

  • The baby under 6 months should only breastfeed. This means that you do not give him water, or infusions, or wet the pacifier in anything. The baby's stomach is very small, if we fill it with water or other food the baby will necessarily have to skip a breast milk feed (his stomach will be full), so the woman's body will "understand" that the baby needs less milk and will start to produce less.
  • The breast is always given on demand. On demand means whenever the baby shows signs of wanting to suckle. It does not matter if he has eaten 2 hours ago or 10 minutes ago, if the baby wants to suck it is, either because he is hungry, or because he calms the breast while naturally stimulating the nipple and thus the milk production will rise.
  • To increase the amount of milk it is more effective to take many short feeds than few long feeds. That is why many babies take the nipple and release it after 5 minutes, asking for it again 20 minutes later. They are making it perfect for increasing production! They are not playing, nor are they using you as a pacifier, they are ensuring their survival.
  • At night is when more milk production is achieved. It is not unusual for babies to sleep a lot during the day but need to nurse a lot at night as well, now do you understand why?

If your baby still does not gain normal weight for his age, you can go to a professional specialized in breastfeeding to help you solve the problem.

You should know that babies up to 6 months can only eat breast milk or formula (of formula). None of the other milk (neither animal nor vegetable) nor food is suitable for a baby. They would not feed you and could also cause serious health problems.

In the event that you really cannot breastfeed your baby and you also do not have access to adapted formula milk, it is appropriate that another woman donates her milk or breastfeeds your baby where appropriate.

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