The risky business of breast milk on the internet

The risky business of breast milk on the internet

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Would you be willing to sell breast milk online? And to buy it? How can we know the origin of that milk? And the conditions in which it reaches our hands? The business of buying and selling breast milk online is prospering, but few heed the warning voices: beware! it is not a risk-free business.

Breast milk should be kept refrigerated. Otherwise, you can transmit diseases caused by bacteria. To donate milk, hospitals require women to have certain requirements: no smoking, no drinking, no drugs ... who controls these requirements online?

The danger of the breast milk business on the internet.

Different studies, carried out by hospitals in Great Britain and the USA, have shown that 90% of breast milk sold online is contaminated with some type of bacteria, and 10% is adulterated with cow's milk. Salmonella was even found in some cases. However, the business is growing and more and more milk from nursing mothers is being sold online. The best known breast milk sales page in the US is called Onlythebreast. It is a community portal for mothers who sell, buy or donate breast milk. Prices range from one dollar to two and a half dollars (30 ml).

The Breast milk banks warn about these practices between individuals. The best option, they say, is to go to a hospital, where they can find a breast milk donation bank. There if all the necessary hygiene and milk conservation requirements are guaranteed.

You already know that you cannot trust everything you see and hear on the Internet. Often many people lie or prefer to hide their true identity under another name. These are the main reasons why you should not buy breast milk online:

- There are sellers who hide information. Many people lie online, they change the date of the product ...

- It does not offer sanitary guarantees. There is no one who has supervised the product and who can ensure that it meets the necessary requirements.

- No one can guarantee that it has been properly preserved. Breast milk needs refrigeration. No one can guarantee (other than the word of the private seller) that it has been properly preserved at all times.

- Transport. How will breast milk reach the recipient? Can someone guarantee its conservation during transport? These are questions that you should ask the seller.

Breast milk has many benefits. It provides essential nutrients, proteins, antibodies (immune factors) ... Who may want to consume this milk? Since bodybuilders They use breast milk as a dietary supplement to people with atopic dermatitis problems. Also cancer patients who use this milk to try to strengthen their immune system and alleviate the effects of chemotherapy.

The milk comes from nursing mothers, who in most cases have a 'super production' and decide to donate or sell that surplus breast milk.

A free business. An unregulated business, which implies dangers, risks, for the health of who buys the milk. Risks that all the people who decide to buy it ignore.

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