The most successful videos of Ragged Bear on Youtube

The most successful videos of Ragged Bear on Youtube

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The videos of our mascot, Traposo bear, are a success on YouTube. Ever since it was created and published, the video of the popular and traditional children's song Estrellita Donde eres (Estrellita, ¿qué eres, I wonder who you are ...), has become number one of all videos of our mascot. Almost 40 million views for this beautiful lullaby starring Traposo.

All this thanks to the interest that Traposo's songs are awakening in children, as well as in their families.

Like every baby that is wanted and loved, Traposo was conceived with great enthusiasm, and just being born already attracted the attention and interest of the children. Traposo is cute and funny at the same time. Has come to the world of to amaze children and the whole family. And although her pregnancy was almost instantaneous, our bear was born with very special shapes, measurements and abilities. Rag talks, sings, laughs, tells stories, jokes, riddles, tongue twisters, and makes very nice and attractive noises.

With Traposo, children can, in a very comfortable way, learn to add, pronounce the alphabet and speak English, through songs and children's stories. Traposo comes to add more entertainment and fun to the resources we already have for children, as well as for parents in their committed and responsible mission of educating and caring for children.

4 videos with children's jokes told by Traposo

Rag Bear jokes about The Curtain Opens. In this video, Traposo Bear, our site's mascot, tells funny jokes for kids about: the curtain rises. Traditional jokes for children to try to guess and answer the fortune tellers. We have selected the funniest jokes for children and the whole family.

Animal jokes for children. We offer you a selection of the best animal jokes for children. Animal jokes designed for the smallest of the house. Short and very funny jokes for children with our mascot, Ragged Bear. Fantastic animal jokes for kids.

High end jokes for children. These are the best high school jokes for kids with Rag. If your child likes jokes, they are going to love them. These are 'highs' jokes, very short, with which your children will enjoy a lot. Wake up in your child a loud laugh with all these highs accompanied by our mascot, the Ragged bear.

5 jokes of Jaimito for children. Have fun with this selection of Jaimito jokes for children. They are also presented by our beloved mascot, Traposo bear. Show your child this video and see if he is amused by all these jokes, where the protagonist is always the naughty Jaimito. Very funny jokes for children.

On behalf of the entire team of, we want to thank you for your trust and interest. Thanks to your participation and collaboration, we feel encouraged and excited to continue giving surprises with Traposo. We also want to invite you to send us comments and suggestions that feed our project. Remind you that your support and cooperation are the piles of Traposo. And if you haven't seen this video yet, don't leave it for later. They are little more than 2 minutes very, very pleasant.

Traposo's 5 hit lullabies

He scared my child. Traposo's Nana. He scared my child. Put your children to sleep with this beautiful video of a very popular lullaby. Arrorró my child is a traditional lullaby brought to you by Ragged Bear. A special version for readers and followers of our site of a melody to help the baby fall asleep.

Lullaby with Debussy. One hour video of a lullaby or lullaby to help the baby sleep. An hour of music by Claude Debussy with the images of the Ragged Bear to put the baby to sleep. Play this video to your baby when he is restless and can't get to sleep and rest.

Estrellita, where are you? Nana for babies. Video of the nursery rhyme Estrellita where are you, one of the most popular and well-known lullabies to help babies and children sleep. A lullaby for your children to relax. We suggest you listen to the Spanish version of the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Shut up little one. Lullaby for your baby. It is a lullaby that our beloved pet, Traposo bear, presents to us in its Spanish version (Hush little baby) so that babies can relax before going to sleep. Illustrated video of one of the most popular and favorite lullabies of children: Shut up little one. To calm babies.

The mañanitas. We offer you a beautiful video of 'Las Mañanitas', one of the most popular songs to make babies sleep. It is a sweet melody that relaxes and soothes the baby before going to sleep. The video of this beautiful lullaby is illustrated with drawings of the Ragged Bear, our site's mascot.

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