Why it is good for babies and children to walk barefoot on the sand

Parents are aware of the dangers that the sun can have on a summer day for children, but in our eagerness to protect our children, sometimes we dress them as not even a diver on a rescue mission.

It is perfect to protect them with sun creams, cover their heads with a hat, but ... why do it with their feet as well? It's the best time for you Babies and children walk barefoot on the sand and enjoy its incredible benefits.

Surely you have seen it many times: some beaches look like shopping streets at rush hour. Mothers, grandparents, young people, children, lifeguards ... They all walk up and down the shore in an excessive frenzy, so much so that it is difficult not to bump into someone. It is overwhelming at times but, everyone wants to walk for two main reasons:

- Walking is a fantastic physical exercise and very beneficial for health at any time of life.

- Walking barefoot in the sand has incredible health benefits.

That is why, instead of putting on the child the well-known rubber sandals or sandals, booties or any other flip-flop, which can even cause lacerations on their feet, it is the perfect time to let babies and children walk barefoot in the sand. Why?

- Walking barefoot on the sand makes the muscles of the legs work more intensely, this helps to tone them up and prevent injuries Future injuries, such as sprains or sprains of the ankle, very typical injuries in childhood.

- Help the child to gain balance and stability, And the fact is that the surface of the sand is much more irregular than that of the firm ground, so the child has to make a greater effort not to fall and keep the muscles firm.

- Sand exerts a calm feeling and encourages relaxation.

- Promotes the development of foot musculature.

- Activates circulation and prevents future appearance of varicose veins.

- Strengthens the back of foot, ankle, heels and calves as greater back tension is performed.

- Although children's feet do not usually have corns or calluses, sand is a perfect natural scrub and helps keep feet soft.

- Promotes arch of the foot and helps prevent problems such as flat feet.

- Provides a Liberty sensation children so they feel less emotionally attached.

- Help children to stimulate the senses as they perceive the texture of sand or water through the soles of their feet.

Ideally, in the children's sandpit in the parks we could also leave them barefoot, not only so that they could benefit from all of the above, but also to avoid the hassle of walking with their slippers full of sand, however, it is true that when being an outdoor environment and in cities they can be filled with even cat and dog feces. And, if we are going to leave them barefoot we have to take into account these tips:

- Let's avoid the central hours of the day, when the sand on the beach can burn the soles of their feet.

- Be careful if the area is full of small shells that may be broken or stones that can dig into their feet.

- Be careful with other objects such as crystals derived from the lack of civility of some people.

- Must apply cream on both the instep and the soles of the feet, as it is also susceptible to burning.

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