How to identify a gifted or gifted child

How to identify a gifted or gifted child

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High capacities are a set of abilities that make a person reach a level of performance above average in different areas compared to the result for your peer group.

This is a personal definition that I have considered presenting due to the lack of consensus and agreement in the formal definition of this concept. It is not clear which or what are the causes or factors related to its development but it seems that the genetic component plays a very significant role.

Here we explain how you can identify a gifted or gifted child.

What are the first signs of a gifted child?

The signals appear regularly from the first moments of the child's development. Sometimes it even anticipates the development of language. Their attitude, their evolution and their capacity for learning is much more advanced than what one expects at a certain age.

The easiest sign to recognize is usually related to language. It is common for the verbal development is very early and accelerated in children with high capacities or commonly called, gifted.

The language along with the elevated learning capacity, are two important factors of empowerment and development of the competences of these children. Its early detection should be a priority objective to help them orient in a productive way these types of capacities

It is one thing to see on a daily basis that your child has peculiar abilities, an advanced development for his age or that he is capable of doing, learning and achieving things associated with more advanced ages, and another to be able to determine the existence of giftedness or high capabilities.

This difficulty is due to the fact that the tools to measure these capacities they are not infallible. At the end of the day, we do not know 100% of what is necessary about the mind and the brain to be able to fully understand it. This makes all our efforts focus on getting as close as possible to him through multiple avenues.

This article has started with a personal definition due to the lack of consensus on the matter. We still do not know clearly what high capacities are or how they are developed, so the process to detect them is not yet completed

Nonetheless, different tests have been created to analyze the mental processes that are considered most related to them. One way or another, they try to determine the maximum level of performance that a person is capable of achieving in comparison with the corresponding group of equals (same age, gender ...)

If you stop for 1 minute to search the internet for tests to measure intelligence or IQ, you will be able to find endless. Despite the multiple alternatives that exist, the vast majority of IQ determination evaluations are made with 2 or 3 specific tests.

1- WISC (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children)

2- Kaufman's Brief Intelligence Test

Each of them has a series of characteristics and peculiarities that make it really practical in very specific circumstances.

The WISC presents a battery of tests that provide a very significant value at a global level. It is very complete and can be of great help when it comes to knowing the cognitive profile of a certain child. On the contrary, it is important to be clear about the indication and when to use it in a specific child to avoid results that may lead us to misinterpret the data.

The KBIT is a shorter test and less detailed but very useful due to its versatility and flexibility in the hands of an experienced evaluator. In my experience, its usefulness as an initial instrument is much more universal and therefore, suitable for clinical care in an agile way.

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