How is the compatibility of the Capricorn mother with the Gemini daughter

How is the compatibility of the Capricorn mother with the Gemini daughter

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This is a complicated but not impossible relationship. The Capricorn mother will try to get her Gemini daughter to put her feet on the ground once and for all, but the gemini girl It is an air sign, and it will be difficult for her to return to earth, she enjoys flying through the heights and aspiring to high goals.

Here we leave you everything you need to know about the Capricorn mother's relationship with her Gemini daughter.

- The lack of mental flexibility of Capricorn mothers is compensated with large doses of patience and reasoning.

- Women of this sign are characterized by to reason everything they have around them, nothing escapes their range of action and they are able to control and master multiple tasks at the same time to perfection.

- They are scrupulous, organized, thoughtful mothers, who like to have their loved ones grouped together and take charge of the family.

- They are capable of sacrificing for their own like nobody else, although that excess control It leads them not to have too many children, since they could not take care of all of them as they would like.

- Mothers devoted but closed in on themselves, sometimes with cold character and distant, which prevents reaching a full understanding with them.

- They are extremely smart and applied in their work, consistent and practical in everything they do, including raising their children.

- Gemini girls live between the Yin and perpetual Yang of your sign. Two souls trapped in the same body, struggling to get out.

- They are rebellious, cheerful, outgoing girls, who love to surround themselves with friends, especially because they hate boredom.

- They are not very good students, but they have a memory prodigious, and a cheerful and lively spirit that makes them win the favor of the teachers.

- They like To play outdoors, walk and dance.

- They tend to set goals that are too high, and if they do not persevere in their endeavor, they tend to leave things by halves, and go into other fields.

- They like to argue, and they always have a topic to talk about. With born conversationalists, although they tend to fall easily into charlatanism.

- They are curious and affectionate, sensitive and insightful, and an unstoppable source of initiative.

The relationship of these two signs is often complicated. They both have opposing characteristics, and different ways of seeing life, so that dialogue will be the basis of all negotiations to reach mutual agreements.

Opposite the impetuousness of Gemini is the reflection of Capricorn, so the mother of this sign will spend her life trying curb aspirations of the crazy Gemini. It is clear that the good thing is to stay in the middle, and the Capricorn mother must recognize that her Gemini daughter is full of ingenuity and must help her develop her full potential.

It is easy to fall into the charlatanism and spells in which Gemini girls surround us, since their charm will make their friends, teachers, and their own parents fall in admiration towards them, however, the girls of this sign we must educate them strictly if we don't want their qualities to become defects.

Girls of this sign are given to fun and joy, while Capricorn mothers represent sacrifice and work. If they put their mind to it, these tough mothers can make their daughters go far with their creativity.

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