They are sold as food for children but are not recommended

They are sold as food for children but are not recommended

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It is clear that sweets, candies and industrial pastries are foods to avoid in the children's diet, but there are others that are offered to us such as “food for children " that perhaps we should consider eliminating from their diet as well.

These are the 4 common foods in children's diets that are not recommended.

- Infant cereals: Babies don't need infant cereal. Any cereal, except in cases of diagnosed allergies or intolerances, is suitable for children's consumption in its natural format. Rice, wheat, oats ... are examples of cereals that we can freely offer to our children without endangering their health. What's wrong with infant cereals? First, they are highly refined, so the carbohydrates they provide are mostly simple, and second, they are typically sugary or spiced with unnecessary artificial flavorings. The baby's palate is used to natural flavors that have nothing to do with these cereals, and with their consumption what we achieve is to create an unhealthy habit and a dependence on excessively sweet flavors that is difficult to overcome.

- Children's yogurts: Children's yoghurts are characterized by having a minimum percentage of continuation milk in their composition, which is usually headed by other undesirable components, such as sugar, a food to avoid as far as possible in the children's diet. When the baby is prepared to consume cow's milk, he is also prepared to consume dairy products derived from it, such as cheeses and yogurts -natural or with natural fruit, of course-, meanwhile, it will be breast milk or formula milk. that should be included in their diet and infant yogurts or not, should be avoided.

- Breakfast cereals and cereal bars. Again, the main problem with these foods is the high content of simple sugars they contain. Most of the cereals in their breakfast format can be found in their children's version and in their adult version. The children's version contains high amounts of sugar, accompanied or not by cocoa, vanilla and other flavorings, trying to increase their appeal among children. Similarly, cereal bars contain sugars and syrups that provide simple sugars and make them highly caloric.

- Children's juices: Industrial juices, due to their high sugar content and low fiber content, are not very advisable in general, but those offered for the little ones are even less so. What's more, we must even consider industrial juices as harmful as carbonated drinks due to the amount of sugar they contain. Trying to capture the attention of parents, children's formats contain a large amount of added vitamins and minerals whose origin is not from the original fruit, in addition to being advertised as “made with fresh fruit”. Natural fruit should be our first option, obviously followed by natural juice with all its pulp, and choosing other options only very sporadically.

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