Roqui's anger. Modern children's fable about empathy

Conflicts between children are common because in most cases there are misunderstandings. Dialogging with the other person to get their point of view, or giving them the opportunity to explain an event is usually the best way to solve problems.

The Roqui turtle was very angry because the Spike hedgehog had hurt him and had sneaked into the line of the swings. Why could Spike do that? This modern fable for kids It will help us to explain to the children why they must dialogue to solve problems.

The Roqui turtle was very upset with the Púa hedgehog. When the two of them were in the queue for the swings, Roqui thought that Púa had punched him on purpose with one of his spines and then it had slipped. In fact, the poor hedgehog had tripped over a stone, had leaned on Roqui to keep from falling, and had returned to the line without paying much attention to where he was. The Spike hedgehog also did not realize that he had hurt the turtle.

Roqui was very angryBut instead of talking it directly to Spike, he told the squirrel Rattlesnake, the mouse Boliche and the donkey Galileo.

- Do you know what Spike has done to me? A thorn stuck in my leg to get ahead of the tail!

- How bad and what a bully! - Said Cascabel and Boliche.

Galileo, more cautious, added:

- Maybe he did it accidentally.

- Of course not! - growled Roqui - I'm not talking to him today!

And so did the turtle. Every time Spike approached him, he would hide in his shell, leaving the hedgehog puzzled.

- What's wrong with Roqui with me?

- You will know ... - replied Cascabel.

Then the little donkey Galileo, ready to find a solution between his two friends, gathered them under the olive tree in the courtyard and asked Roqui:

- Why did you fight with Spike?

- Because he prodded me to advance a position on the swings.

- Has it been so? Galileo asked the hedgehog.

- Nooo, I haven't bet! I just stumbled. Now I realize that I have gone to the swings before you, but it was accidentally. If I have also hurt you, I am twice as sorry.

Roqui lost his temper when he saw what had really happened and became friends with Púa again. Later, he clarified the misunderstanding to Cascabel and Boliche.

Moral: Before getting angry, listen to the other party.

Find out if your child has understood the fable of The Anger of Roqui with these simple reading comprehension questions.

Good reading comprehension is essential to help your child become fond of reading.

- Why was the Roqui turtle angry?

- Who did Roqui tell?

- Who helped you fix the problem?

- What had happened? Why had the spike pricked Roqui?

- How was the problem solved?

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