Tips for Children to Take Care of Planet Earth

Tips for Children to Take Care of Planet Earth

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Making children aware of the importance of caring for planet Earth is everyone's job. We must instill in them the value of loving nature and caring for the environment, only in this way can we ensure the perpetuation of the living beings that we inhabit.

We offer you 10 singles tips for children to take care of planet Earth

1. Sensitize the child to environmental issues regarding the contamination of their immediate surroundings: noises, fumes, smells, dirt from the streets and from the water, etc. They can also provide experiences through which you understand the transformation of nature by the influence of changes in climate and natural phenomena such as rain, snow or drought. The motivation to actively participate in the care, improvement and protection of the environment will help you acquire skills and resources to intervene in the resolution of some environmental problems.

2. Familiarizes the child with natural things that are in their environment (plants, birds, insects, trees, flowers, etc.) describing the basic characteristics of these.

3. Make the child aware of the park as a pleasant place to enjoy and where plants, animals, trees, etc. coexist. That he values ​​the professions of the people who take care of the city: garbagemen, street sweepers, gardeners, etc., and reflect on what would happen if those professions did not exist.

4. Help your child learn about plants and flowers: their external parts, the care they need, what they provide us, the classes and names, etc. Let him discover how they are born and grow, that they need to breathe and feed to grow like us, etc. Plant seeds and take care of the growth of the plant by checking the need for sunlight and water for it to grow.

5. Provide opportunities for the child to get closer to the animal world (birds, dogs, cats, ants, snails, etc.), who knows and understands their way of life and their needs, learning to take care of them, love them and respect them.

6. Visit natural science museums with the child. When you get home, discuss what you have seen, have the child share his impressions and draw pictures of what has most impressed him.

7. Check the television programming and watch together the programs that are related to nature and natural phenomena (animals, plants, volcanoes, hurricanes, etc.).

8. Go on excursions to the mountains, the beach and the mountains. Enjoy together all the elements of nature and teach him to take care of them.

9. Encourage their affection for plants and animals, but alert them to the precautions to take to avoid wasp, spider or other animal stings. Also show him the fruits of some plants that should not be put in his mouth or eyes. Do not encourage fear, it is about knowing and loving nature without taking risks.

10. Educate the boy or girl for life in society, we must reflect on the type of society in which it will operate. For this reason, the elderly must also be aware of the importance of caring for the environment.

Elvira Sánchez Same. AMEI Child Educator
AMEI. World Association of Early Childhood Educators.

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