The importance of traveling as a family

The importance of traveling as a family

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How many times have we heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Well, this would summarize what it can imply in the learning of a child any type of trip we make throughout our lives. Whether for leisure, study, work, etc., all trips will give a new perspective of the place we have gone to and the place we come from.

Our children will learn something new, and will be able to apply to their environment, with which they will varied your perspective, the plane from which they observe.

We tell you what are the reasons why we must travel as a family.

As adults we enjoy these experiences in a more mature, possibly more intellectual, more physical way, but if we get closer to the perspective of a child, their memory can work like a sponge absorbing images and information.

All the frames that children are capable of assimilating, if shown in an attractive way, makes them learn part of the history, customs, art or the evolution of a city or country. Is a Autonomous Learning, which is not in the books, which is retained so faster and longer in time than what we read or study.

Traveling brings big children benefits for social development and emotionally, and generates a new attitude towards life and towards others.

For most, traveling has very positive effects; allows you to disconnect from routine and stress, live unforgettable experiences, rediscover yourself, open your mind, learn about other realities and cultures, etc. Children are no exception, through the trip, they enjoy good times as a family, develop a more rational, reflective and critical thinking and, in addition, acquire new values and emotional and social skills.

Traveling increases the capacity of observation, they will see new realities, they will meet different people, new cultures, new languages, new ways of doing ... This vision of other realities will enhance children's sense of adventure, wanting to know and discover new places. Ultimately, it will uncover your curiosity. They will also learn to be more respectful and tolerant with others and with the environment.

During the planning of the trip, it is important to ask the children participants in the experience; This will motivate them, empower them to make decisions, and make them feel valued.

During the trip, it is good to let them decide and that, in certain parts of the trip, they are the ones who tell what to do or where to go, allows them to develop autonomy and personality from an early age. They should also be asked what their opinion is before, during and after the trip.

Traveling with children can be a very pleasant and pleasant experience that never ends, as it creates memory and unforgettable experiences that will accompany children throughout their lives.

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