Santo Pio Day, August 21. Names for boys

Pío is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means 'devout', 'benign' or 'pious'. Due to its Roman origin, the piety to which the name alludes had broader connotations than the merely religious meaning, which is what has remained. In any case, it is a name with a long tradition, which can be perfect to highlight the nobility and goodness of character of your child. He celebrates his name day on August 21, which is the day of Santo Pio.

By the meaning of his name, Pio implies a noble, generous and caring personality. Pío is easily loved for his simplicity and naturalness, as well as for being a person who can be trusted. Pío also has great intellectual gifts that he combines with sagacity and intuition, which is why he generally achieves success in everything he undertakes.

The name Pío is not very frequent in any language, but its use is not strange, since there are many historical figures named Pío. It is one of those traditional names whose use has not become popular, which is an advantage for all those children who wear it today, since it gives them an original touch without falling into eccentricity.

If there is a group that especially liked to use the name of your son, it is the parents. No less than twelve popes have carried the name Pio, perhaps because of all the goodness that its meaning entails. In this way, the history of the church is linked to the name Pius because of all the reforms that these popes were introducing.

But if there is one figure that especially draws our attention and that has contributed to making your son's name familiar, it is the writer Pío Baroja. One of the most prominent Spanish authors of the 20th century, who left us such essential titles as 'The tree of science', 'The city of fog' and 'Zalacaín the adventurer'.

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