Live a Holy Week of renewal as a family

Live a Holy Week of renewal as a family

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It is true, Easter gives us a few days of vacations to escape from the routine, enjoy with the family, do different things, leave our cities ... Children have vacations at school and we take advantage of these days to do activities that in others dates we cannot. However, many times we only think about vacations forgetting the true meaning of Easter.

Whether we are religious or not, we believe in God or not, we live Catholicism or not ... We can take the meaning of Easter to live Holy Week as a family in a different and enriching way.

Let's take the true meaning of Holy Week: It is the moment of resurrection, of being born again, of being renewed, of starting over. Why don't we use this idea for our own family? We propose some good habits and purposes to live and live together as a family, renewing the intentions and behaviors:

1- Do not yell at children: day to day, nerves, stress and overwhelm sometimes lead us to yell at children or scold them excessively. Let's breathe and let's count 10 before we overreact.

2- Teach and learn to ask for forgiveness: not only children, but also adults. We all make mistakes, learning to recognize it and express it will help us to make a clean slate with the small day-to-day conflicts.

3- Avoid fights: problems between siblings arise because of the greatest trifles, but if we do not tackle the problem they can become large and in some cases, irreconcilable. Let's teach children to be good brothers and to love each other despite the fact that on occasion there is a fight.

4- Know how to share: how many conflicts would we avoid if let's put selfishness aside and we learned to share our things and our time with others.

5- Be grateful: if you think about it, giving thanks does not cost anything, it is easy, but if you do not acquire the habit from childhood, it becomes a strange habit.

6- Get more quality time for the family: reconciling is not always easy, but we can all scratch a few minutes or a certain time a week of quality and that is exclusively for enjoy parents and children together.

7- Listen more to the children: children have so many things to say that sometimes they drive us a little crazy and perhaps we will not make the whole case that they demand. It would be good to renew our patience and let them express themselves, it is the basis for an affective and trusting future communication.

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