How to know if you are pregnant without a pharmacy test

Do you think you can be pregnant? Can't afford a pharmacy pregnancy test or don't want to buy it? Our great-great-grandmothers and their great-great-grandmothers already used certain methods to know if they were pregnant.

There are some very old home pregnancy tests that, although they are not 100% reliable, they are curious to perform. You dare? So you can know if you are pregnant without a pharmacy test.

The pharmacy test is very fast and easy to perform. It is only necessary to put a few drops of urine on an applicator and in a few minutes, the answer will appear on a small window. It is based on the fact that the urine of the pregnant woman contains a hormone that is only present at that stage of life, it is the Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone, hCG. If there is presence of it in the urine of the woman, there is no doubt, there is pregnancy.

A positive can never be lacking, although a negative in a pregnancy test can be positive later on. This is because, if the pharmacy test is carried out too early, the concentration of the pregnancy hormone may be too low.

The ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans and even the Chinese, who obviously did not have a pharmacy test, already carried out home pregnancy tests to clear up doubts in the event of a lack of menstruation.

The tests ranged from urinating on wheat and barley seeds to inserting an onion into the vagina. Some tests were so strange that today we can not do anything but clench our jaw to listen to them. However, other Home pregnancy tests have been passed down from generation to generation until we reach our days before the conviction that they do work.

In the kitchen you keep some materials that, according to some voices, react to the urine of a pregnant woman:

- Test of Oil
This home pregnancy test known as the oil test, is the most reliable, they say. To do it, it is only necessary to collect the first urine in the morning, letting the first drops fall out. You can put it in a glass glass and add two drops of oil separated from each other. They say that if they get together, there is pregnancy.

Test ofVinegar
It is done in the same way as for the oil but by adding a tablespoon of vinegar and letting the mixture rest for 20 minutes. If your urine has changed color or has bubbles, you could be pregnant.

Test of theBleach
The bleach test is about mixing both liquids and, if the urine reacts and bubbles appear, there is pregnancy.

These tests are based on the hCG hormone react to these types of elements. But beware, there are many more, if you go to the bathroom and take white toothpaste and add a few drops of urine, again there are those who believe that you can know a pregnancy if this mixture foams.

It can also be done with "lizard" soap the scrubbing of a lifetime. We must put it in a glass where we have collected the urine, if after a while, we see bubbles again, there is pregnancy.

After reading what are the tyou are home pregnant most popular, the question is clear ... are they reliable? The reality is that no doctor will tell you yes. Some laboratories have done tests on some of them and it has not even exceeded 70% reliability.

The point is that, although it has worked for some women and the mixture has bubbled or changed color, there is no scientific evidence that it reacts to the pregnancy hormone. And the thing is, those elements such as oil, vinegar, bleach or toothpaste can also react to other liquids.

In any case, if you want to do them, they are safe home pregnancy tests and not harmful, it is your decision.

Apart from the delay and lack of menstruation or menstruation, the first symptoms or signs that may indicate that you are pregnant are:

1. Nausea, with or without vomiting, especially first thing in the morning.

2. Strong breast and nipple sensitivity. Also, in some cases, they may have some swelling.

3. Increased urge to urinate. Frequent urination

4. Tiredness and fatigue

5. Cravings or aversions to certain foods, especially citrus and strong flavors

6. Headaches

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