5 fabulous social skills that sport gives your child

5 fabulous social skills that sport gives your child

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Sport, whatever it is, brings great benefits to children, And we are not only talking about physical health, but also about the benefits it brings you in terms of your education. Sport, in addition to values, provides children with another series of social skills that will be very useful so that they can apply them in their daily lives.

We list 5 fabulous skills that sport brings to your child and what is the difference between individual sports and team sports.

Sport is good for the physical health of the child. It also has a playful component, because it makes the child have fun. But it also has an educational aspect What should we consider. Sport provides great benefits or social skills that your child can later use in their day to day. These are the main skills and the main benefits that sport brings to your child and that is part of their learning:

1. It teaches them to follow rules: Sport is a good school that involves discipline, with its limits and rules.

2. They learn to respect their classmates: Although it is an individual sport, surely you practice it with more colleagues who share your hobby. Surely there is rivalry, but sport will teach them to respect the opposite and also their own teammates. An essential value that they can apply in many other aspects of their day to day.

3. They learn to work in a team: Sport teaches children to work in a coordinated way to achieve success. There are sports such as soccer, basketball or handball (for example), where teamwork is essential to achieve success. Without ceasing to value the abilities and qualities of each one, children will understand that success is the sum not only of all these abilities, but also of a work of empathy and coordination between all.

4. They learn to wait: Sport teaches children to be patient. Nobody becomes the best cyclist or the best judoka in one day. To be the best you have to work hard, be persistent and above all, have a lot of patience.

5. Teaches them to overcome frustrations: Sport will teach children that things don't always go well. That despite the effort and hope, sometimes it will go wrong. But even so, nothing happens, that they must keep trying, that they must continue to maintain the illusion and effort and that at another time they will achieve what they seek. In other words, sport makes your child have a greater tolerance for frustration.

There are no better and worse sports for children. Everyone, absolutely everyone, has fantastic benefits for children. Even individual sports, such as judo or chess, make the child more sociable and interact with others.

Sport is a socializing activity. In all of them they make friends, they talk, they relate to each other. In addition, children who play a sport, get together with children who share the same concerns, with which, the child will surely have an easier time making new friends.

The important thing is to let the child choose the sport, and that it is not the parents who decide for him. Perhaps when he is little we can guide him, but as soon as the child decides to opt for a specific sport, we must listen to him and trust his choice.

As well we must let the child decide if he wants to pursue a sport professionally or not. We should never force him to do it even if he has many qualities to excel in a particular sport.

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