The good and the bad of babies born in March

The good and the bad of babies born in March

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Our abilities and defects, our personality or even our way of being can be determined by the month or season of the year in which we are born. So at least several scientific studies assure it.

This theory is also supported by astrology that maintains that according to the zodiac sign that corresponds to our date of birth, we will be conditioned in one way or another when it comes to developing ourselves as people.

If you have a baby born in March, from our site we tell you the good and the bad of being born in the third month of the year.

In the northern hemisphere, spring begins in March and with it the rising temperatures, the days are longer, there is more time of light, and the fields are stained with colors with the new shoots. This also affects the personality of those born in the third month of the year. According to some scientific studies, one of the characteristics that defines the personality of babies born in spring is optimism.

According to astrology, Babies born between March 1 and March 20 are marked by the sign of Pisces that covers those born from February 19 to March 20. This zodiac sign is a water sign. According to astrology in Pisces babies, feelings occupy a prominent place since they are very emotional beings and have a sixth sense for the love of music. They are very imaginative and very cuddly. Empathy is also one of the characteristics of Pisces, since they know how to put themselves in the place of the other by connecting easily with him.

Babies born from March 21 to April 19 They are already ruled by a fire sign, the sign of Aries. These babies are born in the spring season, so they are beings full of vitality, cheerful and are also characterized by being impulsive. Their personality is characterized by being mischievous since they like to investigate, they are brave, dynamic, competitive and independent.

The optimism that according to some scientific studies characterizes the personality of babies born during the spring can easily lead to the other extreme, leading to frustration in children born in March.

According to a study, the temperature changes that occur during spring influence the possibility that the baby born at this time of the year will suffer from eating disorders in the future. According to research, vitamin D levels and sun exposure also contribute to this.

According to astrology, babies marked by the sign of Pisces tend to be impatient, they can be pessimistic and melancholic.hear their excessive sensitivity. Sometimes their ability to empathize with the other can lead them to be overconfident.

On the other hand, babies born under the sign of Aries have a desire for prominence. They like to be the center of attention. They are often irritable and lack the ability to listen to others. They are loud and garish and can be violent and dominating at times.

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