Breastfeeding twins and twins

Breastfeeding twins and twins

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Currently, due to the increasing age at maternity and the increase in the use of assisted reproductive techniques, the number of multiple births has increased.

When we consider breastfeeding in multiple births, we not only have the difficulty of being 2 babies to feed. Twin deliveries have a high incidence of prematurity and admission to neonatology, which makes it difficult to achieve success.

The breastfeeding technique is practically the same as if we breastfeed a single baby. The only difference is the positions to adopt if you breastfeed both at the same time, which is very practical but not essential, it all depends on your comfort and that of the babies. The double basket positions (babies towards the mother's flanks) or in parallel will be very useful.

1. Good milk production is needed. It is essential that there is an adequate stimulus to generate it: try to put babies to the breast as soon as possible after they are born, frequently. If it is not possible to place them on the chest, keep them skin to skin with you, at least for the first hour of life.

2. Try to make the babies sleep with you in the room and thus facilitate night shots. It is known that the peaks of prolactin, a fundamental hormone in lactation, are produced in a greater way at night, these shots will help the correct production.

3. The more it helps the better: If caring for a baby takes up most of the mother's time, two babies even more. The more rested and less stressed you are, the better, so housework and other tasks should be carried out by other people.

4. Surround yourself with mothers who have had a successful breastfeeding so that they support you in yours, and turn to professional breastfeeding specialists, especially in special situations such as hospital admissions, reintroducing breastfeeding, etc ... You can consult your midwife, to solve your doubts in this regard.

It is very common that well-intentioned most of the time, but in a way that lacks evidence, there are people who recommend you about breastfeeding based on what they have heard or their own experiences, especially if it is breastfeeding with twins, they may look at you with some skepticism your decision to breastfeed. Having the support of mothers who have breastfed and professionals who are aware of breastfeeding will help you.

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