The nest of the storks. Children's story about effort

The nest of the storks. Children's story about effort

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Children often find it difficult to finish what they start, lose interest in things and do not make an effort to achieve their goals. That is why parents must promote the value of work and perseverance in our children.

This story, The storks' nest, is a perfect resource to achieve it, and it is that, this children's story about effort exemplifies for children the reason for so much effort and attempt to improve.

At the foot of a castle was a beautiful garden with tall, green pine trees where a family of storks had nested.

That year was not too cold and, therefore, the storks decided to stay there for the winter and not to emigrate to Africa as they did in other years.

One morning a strong wind arose that unleashed a great storm, and it passed with such violence that it broke the branch and threw the nest to the ground.

When the storks saw their house on the ground and the wounded tree, they became very sad; but, right away they got down to work to raise their nest again on another branch of the same tree.

The monotony returned to the nest. The pair of storks with large white wings, thin necks, thin beaks and very long legs, went out daily to look for food and sticks and branches to feed their little ones and keep their precious nest in good condition and in order. From the castle they were used to hearing the noisy crotoreos produced by colliding their peaks.

One night it started to snow. It was snowing for three days in a row and so much snow fell that the branches broke due to the weight, and the nest they had raised with so much effort fell to the ground, leaving the storks badly injured and very sad.

The storks, once again demonstrating their strength and courage in the face of adversity, did not give up and, shortly after, began to build their nest again, giving a great life lesson to all who lived there.

Have your children understood the meaning of this story? To promote the pleasure of reading as well as their ability to understand the meaning of what they read, we suggest that you ask your children these questions about reading:

- What animals are the main characters?

- What happens to them?

- What do they do when their nest is destroyed the second time?

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