Dangerous games for babies

Dangerous games for babies

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As much as you have heard it from your grandmothers, mothers and neighbors, we warn: babies are not rubber, sometimes they break.

There are games and movements that we do with lifelong babies that can produce irreversible injuries and even death.

We tell you what they arethe 5 most dangerous games you should never do with a baby.

1- Shake it: It is clear that babies cry, and sometimes they cry and cry, putting our nerves on the surface. The vein in our neck swells and we despair. So, at that time of instant madness, we come up with the most intelligent solution in the world: "we shake it", because with that we will not silence the baby but we will let off steam for a while.

Great, now you have a scared baby who cries more than before, and you are still just as desperate, but knowing that you could have caused abrain damage to the child.

When you move the baby from front to back with force, it is the same as if you moved a clapper inside a bell, or as if you had suffered a frontal traffic accident. That is, the fragile andweak neck muscles of the baby, does not support his head, and the sudden movement causes his small brain to hit against the bones of the skull, causing serious brain damage, eye bleeds, retinal detachment, spinal cord injury, and including death.

So the next time you feel like letting off steam better go to the gym, take a few jumps or do yoga.

2- Spin the baby holding hands or arms: Children love to be giventurns, and the more dizzy they get the funnier it seems. But let's recap well. The child suffers in his body two opposing pressures; on the one hand, that of inertia that pushes him to fly into space, and on the other, that of his father's hand that grabs him as if there were no tomorrow. We might think that this is good for growing up, if it were the inquisition, but it is not. Not only does the child not grow but may suffer an injury called “Nanny's Elbow,” which means thatthe elbow bone sticks out of your site as well as the ligament and that hurts a lot.

As it is only about the child having a good time, it is better thanlame armpits If you want to spin it or ride it on an approved Uncle Alive.

3- Do not pull on the child's arm when you hit the ground. Many children fall to the ground when they have a tantrum, so we take them by the arm and pull hard to get him up. Even what we take by the arm against his will all over the street while bellowing and bellowing. Well, it's the most common thing in the world, but I still remember my mother's scared face whenhe took his arm off his shoulder to my brother. We had to go tohospital to put it on and since then it has come out constantly. He has never been able to be an elite tennis player and is now a doctor.

4- Do not throw it into the air, I assure you that it will not pass through the atmosphere, the force of gravity is too powerful. But the child loves that inner emptiness in the tripilla, and although you have done it a thousand times and nothing has ever happened, it depends on the strength you have, it may be that it suffers the same consequences as theshaken baby syndrome, especially during the first months of life.

5- The famous somersault of father. Who hasn't had a cartwheel between their legs? It's one of the most exciting memories of my childhood life. But of course, I was growing and growing and asked "Dad give me the cartwheel" and my father would pull out all his muscles to try to support my weight and he would flip me with a constipated face, until one day my head hit the ground because already it was almost as long as he was. My father's face was a poem, sinceI almost broke my neck. That's when I realized that it was time to stop cartwheeling and start playing Parcheesi, which is much less dangerous, even if I eat all five chips and count 20.

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