Home test for gifted children

Home test for gifted children

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To know if a child is gifted, it is necessary to take an IQ test, which is a method used in psychology to measure people's intelligence.

These tests are not infallible, even the results obtained can vary according to the child's attitude or mood. Taking into account this margin of error of the TCI, if the child scores 130 or higher, he falls within the spectrum of a gifted child.

If you want to assess your child at home to see if he or she could have high abilities, before taking any test with a psychologist, you can answer the following questions, if your answer is yes in most of them, your child could be gifted . Those are the clearest symptoms of high abilities:

1- Is it easy for you to learn skills independently?

2- Did you pronounce your first word at six months and the first sentence at a year?

3- After a year and a half could you have a conversation?

4- Did you know the letters at two and a half years?

5- Have you learned to read in a short space of time?

6- Do you ask questions about the world around you at an early age?

7- Do you have great creativity?

8- Are you concerned with issues of morality and justice?

9- Are you critical of yourself and others?

10- Are you bored in class because you already know the syllabus?

11- Do you easily retain information even on complex topics?

12- Do you have a great curiosity for all kinds of topics?

If after answering these questions you think that your son or daughter has high abilities, you can verify it by means of a psychological test done by an expert.

In order for these children to develop their full potential there are special schools or workshops and courses in which they can receive the extra attention they need to guide and develop their knowledge. And it is that, many times they are children who present school failure since they are not receiving the appropriate stimuli and they can even pass as ADHD children.

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