Eliot and the sea. Children's story about overcoming our limits

Eliot and the sea. Children's story about overcoming our limits

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Eliot was a elephant but I wanted to be a fish.

He was different but he had a dream to fulfill, will he get over it?

This is the story of someone who wanted to be different, someone who did not fit in with their own, and someone who did not want to put brake on your dreams, because by dreaming you can get where you want.

This is a children's story about overcoming our limits.

Eliot thought he was born with a wrong body.

It was a little gray elephant who really liked the sea and very little the savannah. He dreamed of being a fish and being able to surf the waves that crashed on the shore. From a very young age he spent hours playing in the sand making huge castles, who admired the starfish and who served as a hiding place for the conches.

The crabs they were more curmudgeonly, because they did not understand why Eliot was always on the beach instead of going with his friends the elephants. Also, whenever they could, they reminded him that this was not his place.

However, the seagulls, which flew over the coast, supported and defended him: “Don't worry about what they tell you, if you like the sea this is your place. Being different is not bad or weird. Being different doesn't mean anything. The question is to understand it, accept it and celebrate our individuality”. But Eliot was sad because he didn't like his body. It was big and heavy and had no fins for swimming.

The turtles wanted to cheer for Eliot because they were his friends. They, who also did not have fins and also carried their heavy house, were the perfect teachers to teach Eliot to swim. It was not easy, but the little elephant made up for his lack of dexterity with great enthusiasm and much Will. He spent many hours learning and thanks to constancy and through hard work he managed to swim as well as any fish. Now he did like his body, because he had learned to use it to do what he liked best.

Eliot not only managed to swim. He made many new friends at sea and also learned that prejudices should not be limits for one to be happy.

Eliot discovered that with his effort and affection of his friends had ended the differences.

To know if your son have understood the text of the story Eliot and the sea you can ask these simple reading comprehension questions.

It is important for the child to understand the whole message that throws the story so you can appreciate the benefits of reading.

- Why didn't Eliot like his body?

- Why didn't the crabs want me to play in the sand?

- Do you think Eliot should listen to crabs or seagulls?

- How did Eliot get to be a fish?

- Are you comfortable with your body?

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